• Al Hail South, AlSeeb, Muscat, Oman
  • SUN - THU 9.00.AM - 5.00.PM OPENED


Appointment Scheduling
We streamline the appointment booking process, securing convenient time slots for patients to visit the hospital and meet the best professionals doctors
Post-Discharge Support
We provide post-discharge assistance, including follow-up care coordination, medication reminders, and guidance on rehabilitation or home healthcare services.
Medical Records Transfer
We facilitate the transfer of medical records between hospitals, ensuring that healthcare providers have complete and accurate patient information.
Insurance Coordination
We help patients navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, working closely with hospitals to ensure seamless payment processing and claims management.
Pre-Admission Assistance
We guide patients through the pre-admission process, providing information about necessary documents, medical tests, and any preparations required.
Second Opinion Facilitation
We assist patients in obtaining second opinions from reputable specialists, helping them make informed decisions about their treatment options.
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